Practicing Piano: How’s It Going?

Practicing Piano: A Guaranteed Positive Experience

Practicing PianoPracticing piano should be a positive experience – always! Does this mean that your practice sessions should always be easy? Well, not really. But what is it that determines whether any given practice session will be a successful one or not?

Plain and simple, it’s your mental attitude. Your mindset when practicing the piano will make all the difference in the world. How you think and feel during your practice sessions is the number one factor responsible for your time at those keys being effective or not.

By “positive,” does this mean it will always be easy? No. But, then again, do you want it to be? When you consider the fact that making progress at anything involves having obstacles to overcome, does it make sense that a challenge should be something to shy away from? The question is, what is your attitude toward challenges? If practicing were always easy, then why would it be called “practice” to begin with? Does this make sense? Learn to be grateful for your challenges. How about adopting an attitude of gratitude for those challenges. Now, that’s powerful!

As an example, let’s say that you are practicing a passage in a piece of music that has your fingers “frazzled and dazzled.” Sure, you want to get it right but this particular segment of the music has proved itself to be challenging, to say the least. How are you responding to it? Are you reacting with frustration? As you are working through this musical passage, are you doing so with an “I can’t wait for this to be over!” type of attitude? Or, instead, are you grateful that the challenge is there since it’s a given that, once you’ve successfully mastered it, you’ll be a better pianist for it?

Which of those two attitudes is likely to bring you the better rewards? Of course, you know the answer. You see, if you can learn to be grateful for what’s in front of you, you open yourself up to a whole new way of handling challenges. You open yourself up to approaching situations from more angles. Your creativity will emerge. Before you know it, you’ll have not only mastered that particular passage of music, but you’ll also have learned to appreciate yourself more. You’ll also have respect for your ability to effectively deal with any matter at hand from a much more creative, intelligent perspective.

If you make it a habit to maintain this kind of mindset when it comes to practicing the piano, your entire view of yourself and your musical world will inevitably change for the better. You’ll find that enjoying yourself at that piano or keyboard of yours is never contingent on what the task at hand happens to be. Instead, the joy you experience each and every time you sit down to practice will be guaranteed.

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