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Piano Lessons In Sarasota: A Very Creative Approach

Piano Lessons In Sarasota

Piano Lessons Shouldn’t Be “A Bore And A Chore”

Piano Lessons In SarasotaIt happens all too often… you sign up your son or daughter (or yourself)  for lessons and the excitement of getting started permeates the atmosphere… for a time. Then, after a few lessons, the novelty wears off, the book seldom gets opened,  the piano or keyboard rarely gets played during the week, and you’re wondering if you made the right decision…

Let’s face it. Your intentions were good. Your decision was a positive one. If the enthusiasm for learning wears off, there are other factors to focus your attention on. Blame (toward anyone) doesn’t need to be a part of the picture. But the truth is that, if the experience turned stale, it needs to be acknowledged.

Communication with the teacher is important in such a scenario. Now, that said, if things don’t change, there remains the possibility that the material being fed to the student isn’t compatible with his or her personality. A common stance that is taken when the excitement fades goes something like this: “If the student isn’t interested in doing what the teacher demands, then maybe piano lessons aren’t the way to go.”

More often than not, the authoritative role assumed by the teacher isn’t questioned. But the truth is that not every teacher is for every student. Some instructors have one basic approach. If it doesn’t work, then the responsibility is placed on the shoulders of the student, thus the conclusion being that “it can’t be the teacher.”

Yes it can.

Ask yourself one important question: Why did you see to it that those lessons were started in the first place?

Did it perhaps have something to do with having fun?

If it’s not fun, an alternative is always available. Don’t place blame on the student, whether it’s a child of yours or yourself. If the initial goal was to have the student engaged in lessons to become musically involved, to enhance his or her appreciation for music, and have music be a part of his or her life for the long term (whether or not it’s going to be their main focus in later years), then you owe it to yourself to see it through. If another teacher is in order, then do what you need to do.

Piano lessons should be fun… and spending time at that piano or keyboard at home should be fun, too.

If the incentive is there, it won’t be any effort for the student to take initiative to spend some time at the instrument every day. If that’s not happening, then it’s because he or she simply doesn’t want to. Looking at the “why” is crucial if you are indeed concerned about the best interests of your child (or you, of course!).

Pianocadabra offers piano lessons in Sarasota that are customized to the student, based on his or her individual personality and goals. Your instructor will not take on the stance, “Do it my way or forget it.” Not even close. You’ll be dealing with a teacher who genuinely appreciates the individuality of each and every student who walks through the door. The student’s personality and strengths are recognized, capitalized on, and a plan is established to see to it that the learning experience doesn’t become mundane but, rather, a vehicle to enhance self esteem, self appreciation, and creative potential.

In short, you can look forward to enjoying benefits that go beyond what one is likely to expect from the traditional piano lesson. Students at Pianocadabra learn to  understand music and create in a fashion that many teachers never do!

Click here to learn more and perhaps initiate a trial lesson so that you can experience the difference for yourself…

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To The Beginning Piano Student: A Little Food For Thought

Sarasota Piano Lessons: Getting Started

Is This Preventing You From Starting Piano Lessons?

Getting started with piano lessonsAre you a soon to be a beginning piano student who is reluctant to take that first step because you’ve allowed certain reservations to get in your way? Though this doesn’t apply to every person out there, it does ring true with so many people that it warrants being acknowledged…

Often times, the individual thinking of starting learning the piano is confronted with mental images of tedious work that must be endured in order to enjoy the benefits. Thoughts of having to learn and play endless scales and exercises congest the imagination to the point of causing the ambition to face an impasse even before the new hobby has a chance to even breath.

So, is it really true? Do you have to put up with the drudgery of all those painstaking exercises before even being able to enjoy the benefits of having fun playing a favorite song? Do you need to learn how to read all those notes before you can start having fun on that piano or keyboard of yours? Should you really think twice before getting started with those lessons due to the fact that the demands at the beginning will be great enough to discourage someone who simply wants to have fun making music at those keys?


Although it may be true that certain traditional piano instructors have an agenda they expect their students to follow, these are often the same teachers who are quick to witness some of those students quitting after a few short weeks (if they last that long). It doesn’t have to be that way. There is no legitimate reason that the fun shouldn’t start from the very beginning.

The right teacher for you will make your time invested in lessons an experience that’s nothing short of fun. Let’s face it… if you’re not enjoying yourself, your incentive to continue is likely to fade pretty quickly. The truth is that it isn’t any more necessary to learn all those fundamentals before you can have fun making some music than it was necessary that you learned your entire alphabet and learned how to spell a certain number of words before you exclaimed as a child that you were hungry. Seriously, your first words were spoken well before you knew how to spell what you were saying. But that didn’t stop you from getting your message across, did it? Now you are starting to get the picture.

If you have even the slightest bit of enthusiasm for exploring your musical potential, even if it’s something you want to pursue as a hobby (a terrific reason!) without placing heavy demands on yourself, then go for it. As long as you have your expectations in perspective and are able to commit to have fun with your adventure regardless of the circumstances, hooking up with a piano teacher who can respect that attitude and is willing to show you how to enjoy the learning experience can undoubtedly lead you to making a decision you’ll be happy about.

To get started with piano lessons in Sarasota or to simply learn more, visit Pianocadabra

Don’t put it off any longer. Have fun making music!


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Do I Have What It Takes To Play Piano?

Sarasota Piano Lessons

Do I Have What It Takes To Play Piano?

What Does It Take To Learn To Play The Piano?

Sarasota Piano LessonsThese are questions received often. Several analogies could be used to properly illustrate the answer. One might ask, “Do I have what it takes to plant a tree?” Of course, if you have possession of a tiny tree, you have a shovel to dig a hole big enough to accommodate the roots, and you are willing to go through the steps, including placing the tree in the ground, replenishing the dirt, and watering that tree, it’s pretty much a given that you have what it takes. Before all this, however, you needed the desire to plant that tree in order to make it happen. Would you agree?

Well, when it comes to learning how to play the piano, you also need what’s necessary:

1) You

2) A piano (or keyboard)

3) Desire to proceed through the steps of learning

4) The right guidance

Now, we’ll admit… there’s more to playing piano than planting that tiny tree, and thankfully so, because, once the journey is taken, discovering your musical potential at the piano keyboard can be a whole lot more fascinating.

There seems to be an implied “law of learning” when it comes to learning how to play piano that many people adopt even before pursuing their dream of having fun making music. It’s more of a “stigma” that has developed over the centuries and much of it has to do with the concept of learning that manifested from colleges, universities, and yes, individual teachers. Stories are told by adults, time and time again, of a negative childhood experience they endured with a particular piano teacher. Very seldom is the case that the individual would place the blame on the teacher because, after all, the teacher knew better, right?

No. Not necessarily. Taking it even further, it’s not likely. Such negative experiences are usually described as “negative” because the teacher did not have what it took to deal with that particular student. This still happens to this day. The teacher who stands by his or her sense of “righteousness” when it comes to how to learn piano still exists today. More often than not, this stems from the “university approach” to learning which is more or less equated with learning to play to the proficiency of a classical concert pianist. The stigma that goes along with learning classical piano has unfortunately caused many individuals who have had a passion for making music to bow out and never try.

Nourishing the existence of this stigma or subscribing to it is nothing short of absurdity. The author of this message has never met an individual during all his years of training who did not have what it took to play piano. If you have the desire, then that enthusiasm will carry you through any obstacles you will face. In fairness, it should be stated that if the desire isn’t there, that’s a different story. However, not having the desire to learn and have fun doing something and not having what it takes to learn and have fun doing something are two completely different matters.

If you have come to terms with the fact that you do, in fact, have the desire to learn to play piano and have a whole lot of fun in the process, then it becomes necessary to find a teacher who is willing to understand you and nurture that desire in an unconditional fashion. Please read that last sentence again because that’s where things can get a little challenging. It is highly suggested and recommended that you do your homework when it comes to looking for the right piano teacher for yourself or your child. Have no fear when it comes to asking a few questions of a prospective teacher to help determine whether or not he or she is a match for your needs and wants. Stated simply: if you have the desire to learn and have fun, that teacher exists. You may not find him or her the first time but that doesn’t mean your journey should stop.

You are here because you are either considering getting yourself or a child started with piano lessons or you are exploring your options. Consider this a new beginning and treat the adventure ahead of you in an unconditional fashion. It’s possible and you’re going to make it happen. As a result, unlimited rewards await you!

Sarasota Piano Lessons

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Welcome to Sarasota Piano Lessons!

Sarasota Piano Lessons

Thank You for your visiting Sarasota Piano Lessons! Chances are good that you arrived here due to either your commitment to find piano lessons that are suitable for your particular needs or your curiosity regarding possibly getting involved with some lessons. Whatever your reason, you have just connected with a resource that can provide you with the answers you are looking for.

Sarasota Piano LessonsObtaining the information is as easy as the click of your mouse. Simply visit our main site at Pianocadabra! There you will find some information that may be helpful. Furthermore, all you need to do is use that contact form once you’ve arrived to share your questions and concerns and you will receive a quality response within a very short period of time.

Piano Lessons In Sarasota Geared To Your Specific Needs

If you are considering hooking up with some piano lessons in the Sarasota area, you’ll find the atmosphere at the studio of Pianocadabra to be a fun and relaxing one. When it’s time for your piano lesson, you won’t to deal with the distraction of other people waiting for your lesson to be finished, as your time is just that… your time. Each and every session of yours is treated as invaluable and attention given to you or your child is undivided. In addition, if it’s your child taking the lessons here, you can absolutely feel free to sit in and observe, as that is strongly encouraged and easily accommodated.

The Creative Approach To Learning Piano Has Arrived In Sarasota!

You will find the teaching approach at Pianocadabra to be a bit more creative than you might have otherwise expected. You see, you will be taking advantage of the experience of a piano coach who has devoted himself to an excess of 35 years helping people one-on-one learning what it is that makes each person “tick” when it comes to reaching his or her personal musical potential on those keys!

Whether you are interested in learning piano or keyboard, and these lessons are for a beginning student, advanced, or anywhere in between, you can rest assured that your specific situation will be given the devoted attention it deserves. So, go ahead… click here to learn a little more about how you can count on your experience at Pianocadabra to be a fun and rewarding one!

Sarasota Piano Lessons

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