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Tune Your Piano: It’s A Necessity

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Tune Your Piano Regularly

Tune Your PianoAn acoustic piano can serve as a beautiful piece of furniture. However, inside of that piano is a whole world of mechanics that truly needs the proper amount of attention if you are to really enjoy the maximum benefit your instrument has to offer. Everything that should be done in terms of piano maintenance is beyond the scope of this message but one thing you ought to make sure of is that your piano gets tuned on a regular basis (unless, of course, your piano is digital/electric).

A common error some people will make is to tune their piano only when they feel it needs to sound its best. However, there is more to a piano tuning than what initially meets the eye. You see, when a piano is tuned, its strings are stretched. When those strings are stretched, their tautness actually contributes to the soundboard maintaining its curvature. Yes, a piano soundboard, although it may seem completely flat to the eye, actual has a subtle arc. You can think of a bow (as used in archery). The string keeps that bow curved. Although a piano soundboard’s arc is less obvious, it does exist. The longer a piano goes without a tuning, the greater the chances are that the soundboard will lose its structural integrity. This is a reason that some soundboards crack, which can be rather detrimental. So, you see, when you hire a piano tuner, you are actually gaining more value than just having that piano sound better.

The number of times a year your piano should be tuned can depend on a number of factors. Generally, once or twice a year is good practice when it comes to maintaining your piano properly. In addition, a regulation is also highly recommended since a piano’s mechanical parts depend on maintenance in order to perform the way they are meant to. Making the decision to hire the services of a qualified piano tuner/technician can lead to your getting the answers you need and really pay you back your investment many times over.

All too often the inside of that piano gets neglected since it is out of sight. However, if you truly want to enjoy your piano for what it really is, giving it the proper care, including having it tuned and regulated, will help ensure that it will bring you many happy returns for years and years to come.


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