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Adult Piano Lessons: A Special Message

Adult Piano Lessons In Sarasota

Adult-Piano-Lessons-SarasotaWhen looking into adult piano lessons, a “one size fits all” situation doesn’t likely exist. Although most or all music learning studios will welcome your business, not all of them are likely to provide you with the kind of attention you might be looking for.

A significant number of studios will try to have you follow the same type of agenda that their younger students are required to adhere to. On the surface, this may not seem so bad. But the real challenge comes into play when you’ve discovered that, after investing your hard earned dollars into several weeks or months of lessons, the rewards just don’t seem to be there. Although it’s true that having some patience while learning certain fundamentals in a step by step fashion is conducive to moving ahead toward bigger and better things, is it necessary for adult piano lessons to be as tedious and slow-moving as many teachers make them?

Actually, no…

If you have found yourself in such a situation or know of someone who has, it’s likely due to that fact that this particular teacher was schooled in a fashion that led him or her to being comfortable with one certain way of instructing. Whether you were a 7 year old, 20 year old, or a 70 year old, the material that you were going to be presented with was going to be the same. We’re not here to minimize any teacher’s accomplishments. However, when it comes to knowing (or admitting) their limitations with dealing with certain students effectively, there is some room for improvement out there in the marketplace.

For example, suppose you are a 55 year old who never played a note of music in your life. You show up for your first piano lesson and there you are with the book you just purchased turned to page 1. It’s time to learn what a G is on the piano. You see it on the keyboard. You see it on the staff. You play it. Before you know it, the lesson’s almost over and you’re feeling like you recall you did when you were in kindergarten or 1st grade. On and on it goes for several weeks. Maybe you’re almost half way through the book and the teacher’s got you learning this 8 measure song called “Song For The Birds” (pun intended). Perhaps you’ve learned a few rudiments in addition to learning how to hold your hands on the keyboard after some months but when you really stop and consider what you’ve been through, your initial reason for getting started with piano lessons never got satisfied. In other words, you’re just not having fun.

You might be surprised by just how many adults who initially have aspirations to have fun at the piano simply give up based on such an experience. Had they connected with someone more “in tune” (pun intended again) with their needs and desires, they just might be enjoying a lifestyle that is balanced off with having fun at those keys.

So, if you’ve ever asked yourself if there really is a better way, the answer is yes. For those considering adult piano lessons that are truly geared toward you enjoy yourself at that piano or keyboard of yours in a manner that is more in line with your current goals, visit here for a message that has been especially prepared for you.

Yes, there is hope for you. Not only that but you can be confident in knowing that you do indeed have what it takes to have fun making music at the piano. All you may need is just the right coach to help you do just that.

Enjoy the journey that you’re about to take part in. It truly is filled with rewards that will include you making more and more positive discoveries about your personal potential to have fun making music!

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